OrthoLux ™

ORTHOLUX™ breathable orthopedic foam is specifically intended to provide support and all around comfort for any size dog. Slab or one piece foam filled beds are rigid and absorb the heat that large dogs naturally radiate, creating an uncomfortable sleeping surface. ORTHOLUX™ foam filling allows air to circulate throughout the bed so dogs can regulate their own heat while still enjoying balanced support. ORTHOLUX™ is a non toxic, premium grade foam manufactured in the USA.

Memory Soft ™

MEMORYSOFT™ premium grade memory foam is specifically designed to gently cushion and support a dog’s entire body for a more restful nights sleep. MEMORYSOFT™ quickly contours to a dog’s head, shoulders, body and hips thereby distributing weight evenly across the sleep surface. This even distribution keeps the spine aligned, reduces pressure and increases circulation to tired aching muscles. MEMORYSOFT™ is a non toxic, first quality foam manufactured in the USA.

Therma-Tec ™

Beds and crate cushions with THERMATEC™ Heat Reflective Technology are the perfect combination of beautiful design and revolutionary technology proven to keep your pets warmer than conventional beds. Pets constantly lose heat, especially when they lay down to rest or sleep. THERMATEC™ uses SiverCore™ Technology, a space aged liner that captures that heat and safely reflects it back. SiverCore™ Technology also insulates against cold outside drafts and allows enough air flow to prevent overheating.

Smell Repel

Chew Shield