Core Principles

Arlee’s core principles align with the pet parent’s decision tree for shopping, selecting and ultimately purchasing products for their pets.


COLOR – Pet parent’s first consideration is color. Pet products, especially beds, reside in living rooms, bedrooms and common areas. They must fit with the parent’s home décor or automobile interior otherwise he or she will walk past the aisle

FABRIC – If the color matches the home, the fabric must be soft and durable; its bedding for their loved ones or safety and protection in the cars. The pet parent must feel certain that their pet will feel comfortable

CONSTRUCTION – Now engaged, the parent must ensure that the product meets his or her quality standards; will the cushion bottom out; are the walls supportive enough to curl up against; will the cover hold up to the rigors of travel; what added features does the product offer and are they important?

SIZE – The final product test, will the item fit the pet parent’s needs; if her pet lays flat when resting or sleeping, will their legs dangle of the bed, when curled up, is their enough sleeping surface for her pet, will the crate mat fit her carrier or will the auto or furniture protector cover her car’s interior or home sofa?

PRICE – Price is largely predetermined before entering the store. Pet parents have a price range that they are willing to spend and have expectations as to the cost of products based on the store’s typical retail prices. If the product passes the first four criteria in the decision tree, is the product now worth the price?