Arlee Pet Products

Putting the Special back into Pet Specialty

Our Branding

Sleepy Dog™

Sleepy Dog™ brand beds , crate cushions and Throws are made for the pet parent who wants their pet to be comfortable in all aspects of their life. Good doesn’t have to be expensive. With fine quality fabrics and different fill types and styles. You are sure to find a bed or crate cushion that will meet your needs. Sleepy Dog™ enhances the everyday life of your pet

Rover Rest™

Rover Rest™ brand beds, crate cushions and throws are guaranteed to surpass your expectations. These products are filled with more high quality fiber and other fill types than the leading competitors and use fashion forward and soft fabrics so that your pet feels as happy and content as possible while your wallet does too. Once you experience the quality, variety and weight of Rover Rest™ beds, you’ll understand why we say that Rover Rest™ brings joy to your dog!”

Doggy Décor™

Doggy Décor™ was created with the discerning pet parent in mind. High quality fabrics, use of multiple fill types and overly generous fill weights ensure that these beds are the pinnacle of luxury and comfort for your pet and will enhance the look of any room in the house. You’re pet will love their Doggy Décor™ bed so much that you will agree that Doggy Décor™ makes life special.

Yes Pets!™

YES Pets!™ was designed to help pet parents keep their car interiors protected from mud, scratches and anything else that their pet can dish out. Made to accommodate any budget and designed to fit ALL cars on the market, YES PETS!™ Car Seat protectors are the only choice for pet owners.

Arlee Pet Products are guided by five core principals that collectively differentiate and distinguish all their products within each category.


Arlee draws inspiration from home décor and furniture trends as well as men’s and women’s apparel to provide attractive materials that appear to consumers across a wide range of economic demographics.


Arlee uses specialized polyester fiber fill to maximize loft and comfort and maintain resiliency. All orthopedic and memory foam is 100% toxic free and made in the USA. All seams are reinforced with locked stitching to reduce wear and tear. All fabrics are fade resistant, anti-crocking and machine washable.


Arlee maintains a diverse line of beds, throws, crate cushions and automotive seat covers to ensure that retailers and ultimately, pet parents can find exactly what they need to meet their pet’s needs.

Execution Ease

Arlee makes retail buying easy and affordable by owning all the raw materials to lower MOQs, store ready packing all orders, preparing private label packaging, consolidating shipping for all categories into one FOB point and compression packing to reduce freight rates.


Arlee has dedicated account teams and replenishment analysts to ensure on time delivery of all orders, maintain appropriate stock levels, and monitor customer sales to identify and react to trends.

Our Technologies


Beds and crate cushions with Thermatec™ Self Warming Technology are the perfect combination of beautiful design and revolutionary technology proven to keep your pets warmer than other conventional beds. Pets constantly lose heat. This is especially true when they lay down to rest or sleep. Thermatec™ uses SiverCore™ Technology, a space aged liner that captures that heat and safely reflects it back. SiverCore™ Technology also insulates against cold outside drafts and allows enough air flow to prevent overheating.


MEMORYFOAM premium grade memory foam is specifically designed to gently cushion and support a dog's entire body for a more restful nights sleep. MEMORYFOAM quickly contours to a dog's head, shoulders, body and hips thereby distributing weight evenly across the sleep surface. This even distribution keeps the spine aligned, reduces pressure and increases circulation to tired aching muscles. MEMORYFOAM is a non toxic, first quality foam manufactured in the USA.


ORTHOLUX™ breathable orthopedic foam is specifically intended to provide support and all around comfort for any size dog. Traditional slab or one piece foam filled beds are rigid and firm and absorb the heat that large dogs naturally radiate creating an uncomfortable sleeping surface. ORTHOLUX™ foam filling allows air to circulate throughout the bed so dogs can regulate their own heat while still enjoying balanced support. ORTHOLUX™ is a non toxic, premium grade foam manufactured in the USA.

Posture Pet™

POSTURE PET™ is a highly supportive base layer ideal for all stages of your pet's life. Made of 100% chemical free polyester from recycled plastic bottles and manufactured in the USA, POSTURE PET™ provides a cool and comfortable cushion that absorbs less than 1% of your pet's body heat. It is also ideal for pets who suffer from Arthritis, Hip Dysplaysia or are just sore from an exhausting day of running around.